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All my stuff is gone, I don't know what to do!! HELP!!!

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Alright so after a few months I finally went back to Corecraft cause it was finally vacation in my country well when I came back I saw a lot of changes and I was happy but when I logged in I spawned underground and died and I was holding a bunch of dye that time but I think it wasn't just dye I think it was a new item in the server, I got scared cause I had so much stuff and I don't know if I won third place on voting last september cause everytime I went home I voted for this server and now I don't know what to do. I was gonna start my series today but I got disappointed cause even my stuff in my Player vaults and Enderchest were gone I hope someone can explain what happened and somehow help me fix this. I love playing on Corecraft and I really worked hard on my stuff so now I'am freaking out. Please help!
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Posted Oct 23, 17 · OP
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you mean last month september? anyway the server reset so many people didn't have a lot of stuff
Posted Oct 27, 17