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These rules are non negotiable and are in place to provide an enjoyable environment for everyone.

If you are witnessing any player that is presenting a risk to other players or is just overall being annoying. You can report a player by submitting a form which raises the problem with us so that we may handle handle them in a more organized manner.

Server Rules

No cheats, hacks, or exploits of any kind. This includes, but is not limited to:

  •  - Having installed or using modified clients to give an advantage in any way ( Mini-Maps are allowed as long as they do not show player positions and mods such as optifine are ok )
  •  - Circumventing plugins such as the afk kicker ( AFK Machines / pools )
  •  - Using macros/scripts to perform tasks such as farming and mob grinding
  •  - Accessing areas not accessible without some form of glitch or exploit

Approved Mods

  •  - Optifine
  •  - 5Zig PvP Mod
  •  - Laby Mod
  •  - Too Many Items
  •  - Not Enough Items
  •  - Shaders Mods
  •  - Capes Mods
  •  - Better Animations/Player Animations Mod
  •  - Blocks3D Mod
  •  - Gamma/Brightness Mods ( These must be the only features )
  •  - Any mods which have no effect to gameplay
  •  - Better Sprint Mod, ToggleSneak etc
  •  - Armor, Direction and Status Effect HUDs
  •  - UHC Essentials
  •  - Health Indicators
  •  - Joystick Mod etc

Approved Clients

  •  - FabricMC ( 1.13.2 and above )
  •  - Badlion Client
  •  - Lunar Client
  •  - Normal Minecraft / Twitch Launcher

    All mods and or clients not on this list are considered unapproved until further notice and can result in a temp/perm ban.

    If there is something you would like to see on this list, Please contact a Staff or make a thread to be reviewed.

Do not ask the staff for items or ranks

Asking our staff for items, ranks or OP is forbbiden and will be punished with a mute or ban depending on the case.

Do not advertise in any form this includes but is not limited to

  •  - Advertising other Server IP's
  •  - Advertising links
  •  - Advertising YouTube/Twitch links absurdly often

Do not use excessive language, Use of unwanted player directed sexual remarks/racism and any form of spam

 We don't want to have a perfect utopia free of hostility and banter but we do want respect for each other, Don't act like a little child. Punishments will be given if things get a bit out of hand for both parties

Exploiting bugs on our server is not allowed, If you find any exploits or find other people abusing bugs, Please report the person and the bug. 

In the event that the bug abused is a serious exploit to the server and causes anyone to have to work harder than necessary, A punishment of some sorts will be in order if found out by a Staff and not by a Reportee however if you do report it, You will be rewarded with credit or keys. 

Server Threats / Player Threats

Any form of DDos or Dox threats will result in a permanent removal from our Network, Any illegal form of targeting a player and effecting how they live and or releasing personal information will result in a punishment as well.

Any form of charge-backs will result in a permanent ban

All our sales are final and we do not offer refunds.


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Date Item Sales Count Earnings
monday, 12 3 $400
tuesday, 13 2 $400
wednesday, 14 3 $420
thursday, 15 5 $500
friday, 15 3 $400
saturday, 16 3 $400
sunday, 17 3 $400
monday, 18 3 $500
tuesday, 19 3 $400
28 $3720