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1.1 - Use of cheat clients, mods or software

Any client, mod or software that gives an extremely unfair advantage is forbidden.

Modifications such as: Reach, Killaura, Triggerbot, Aim Assist, Jesus, Bunnyhop, KB Modifiers, Macros and Autoclickers are all examples of forbidden mods.

Key jamming, placing object(s) on your mouse/keyboard or using multiple mice at once is also forbidden.

The use of forbidden clients, mods or software is strictly prohibited.

1.2 - Bug abuse

Intentionally using a bug or glitch in any way, shape, or form is strictly prohibited. 

Knowingly working with/having someone abuse a bug for you may also result in a punishment.

Bugs can be reported here:

1.3 - Inappropriate usernames/skins

Any player with a username or skin that is deemed inappropriate by the staff team will be suspended until the player has changed it to a more appropriate one.

1.4 - Punishment evasion

Using another account in order to evade a suspension or mute on another account is strictly prohibited. Evading a punishment will result in the same punishment being applied to the other account, except in cases of inappropriate skins/usernames. This may also result in your punishment being extended.

1.5 - Swearing

Use of offensive language such as profanities, expletives, hate speech, or other language intended to belittle, offend, or upset other users is strictly prohibited.

Any attempts made to circumvent our chat filter is also strictly prohibited.

1.6 - Threats

Any sort of language used with the intent of threatening another player with real life actions such as assault, DDoS, or doxing is strictly prohibited.

1.7 - Spamming

Posting unwanted or unnecessary messages, often repeatedly in a short amount of time is prohibited.
Spamming includes posting random strings of symbols, using the same message over and over, asking for free ranks, and other things

1.8 - Advertising

The promotion of other servers, social media accounts, YouTube/Twitch channels, or any other good or service is prohibited.
Light advertisement of Youtube or Streaming is allowed, though will result in punishment if it is spammed or abused.

Users with the YouTuber rank may advertise their channels and other social media accounts.