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SkyBlock - V1.2 - Change Log
about 1 month ago

Change - Logs

    -> Each category in /quests has been altered and now each category has quite a few quests that require other quests in other categories to be completed before you can proceed.

    -> Robots are no longer on SkyBlock as last time around, they were rather laggy and caused more harm then good.

    -> Sell Wands and the various other tools have been removed however items such as Storage Units, Chunk Collectors, Auto Crafting Chests, Sell Chests & Linked Chests have been added to replace them.

   -> Nether Portals have been enabled alongside End Portals so if you build an End or a Nether Portal @ Island, You will be teleported into a Nether version of your island or an End version of your island.

   -> Shop has been reorganized with some extra items added in.

   -> Ghast Spawners will be located @ /warzone which will be able to help with some of your quests in /quests.

   -> You can no longer purchase Vaults, You get a set amount of 3 player vaults.

   -> Souls have been removed as that was a headache in itself. 

   -> Chat Reaction has been added and includes some extra prizes.

   -> Void Chests are limited to 3 Void Chests per person.

   -> Island Sizes have been reduced dramatically as you can have more then 1 island due to having 2 extra worlds.

   -> End Portal Frames has been added to /shop.

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